Great Day on the Skunk


Jim explains how the timbers he is standing on provided the base of the original dam

Yesterday was a great day on the Skunk–this time using a foot path rather than a water trail. Local historian Jim Graham led a short hike to the site of the former Hannum’s Mill dam site north of Ames. The low water levels allowed participants to see exposed timbers from the crib-wall design of the mid 1800’s dam still in place. Jim also explained that remnants of the old mill can still be occasionally found in the stream. The exposed limestone outcroppings at this site reminded all of us why this section of the river is so important to protect and preserve.

One important and outstanding aspect of the Skunk River community in Story County is their willingness to engage people and issues they find on the river. Skunk River Paddlers and others are constantly removing the trash others leave and debris from the river while they float and hike. The Skunk River Navy, an ISU student-led organization, is also a significant resource in keeping the Skunk and other rivers clean. Landowners and other users understand and really appreciate their help!

See a drawing of Hannum’s Mill dam and read more about it at the Ames Historical Society webpage:


This mother & son team helped carry trash back from the dam site.


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